ACSSO encourages all families to keep up to date with the latest information during these unprecedented times and are committed to supporting you. We will continue to keep abreast of current announcements to keep you informed and share websites and ideas to keep our families educated, engaged and supported. Most of all take the time to enjoy your families and be kind to yourself - please follow link to AUSTRALIAN FAMILIES AT HOME

Family Engagement

Explore family engagement in education and learning

In this section you will find tools and resources which assist schools and families to develop build and sustain home-school partnerships and explore how you already assist your child in their learning at home and in the community whilst extending your toolkit of ideas.

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Practical Parenting

Explore tips and ideas for contemporary parenting

In this section you will find practical ideas on current topics of parenting and links to useful websites apps and much more which service the needs of parenting in contemporary times.

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What's Happening

Explore upcoming webinars and events

In this section you will find upcoming webinars and events occurring around Australia and online. These include key national educational dates and national School Holiday dates and many more.

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Welcome to Parents Australia

As primary educators of their children, parents and families have a lasting influence on their children’s attitudes and achievements. They can encourage their children’s learning, growth and development.

Parents Australia is designed to assist families in the wellbeing, learning and education of their children.

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